About Us

The journal ONCOLOGY (ISSN: 0890-9091) is published monthly and is geared toward the practicing oncologist. It focuses on practical issues related to the care of patients with neoplastic disease. Topics covered may be either very broad or quite focused and, in general, are authored by a renowned expert in the particular area.

Its exceptionally wide circulation within the clinical cancer community insures broad exposure of its editorial material. In addition, ONCOLOGY is included in Medline, Excerpta Medica, EMBASE, and the Cancer Line and CancerLit databases at the National Cancer Institute.

Each article that appears in the journal is referred to one, two, or three reviewers, who are asked to write a short commentary to be published alongside the article. These commentaries broaden the reader’s perspective on the topic being discussed as they serve to highlight areas of consensus or disagreement among professionals most familiar with the topic in question.