David Braun, MD, PhD, on the Unique Experiences at IKCS

The next gen innovator discusses the integration of fields at the International Kidney Cancer Symposium in Miami.

David Braun, MD, PhD, from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, discussed the integration of fields and how they yield a unique experience at the International Kidney Cancer Symposium, held November 15-16, in Miami.

I mean, there’s a lot. I would say, so there’s incredibly interesting clinical work, there’s incredibly interesting scientific work. Honestly the most exciting thing for me has been the integration of everyone. Seeing people who are just master clinicians, people who are, you know, dedicated to their lab work and are pure scientists, people who are patient advocates who are obviously passionate and have personal experience, and seeing everyone in the same room together, I think that’s a unique experience. That’s really made this a special meeting.