Dylan Essner on Documentation Tools for CAR T-Cell Therapy


Dylan Essner discussed the implementation of documentation tools and CRS, ICANS and ICE flow sheets within CAR T-cell therapy.

Dylan Essner, an Epic Beacon Analyst at Washington University in St. Louis, talked about his work in implementing new documentation tools to streamline data for patients.


Within the CAR T(-cell) build in Epic, I helped mainly with the documentation tools for flow sheets. We have the CRS, ICANS and the ICE flow sheets, and I built all 3 of those flow sheets and included them in 1 flow sheet template that way the providers and nurses can go in and document their ICE, ICANS and CRS documentation. And then some of those--the ICANS and the ICE--have a formula built into the flow sheets that allows it to auto-populate the grade and score of the actual documentation. They just put in the different data points for each flow sheet and then we have a row at the bottom that auto-calculates the grade for each patient, so they don’t have to go in and do that.

And then for CRS they actually have to go in and we give them an informational chart they can look at, and then from there they can grade the patient from the bottom row. With that flow sheet data, we also built some smart links that pull the data from those flow sheets into the progress notes, so it automatically just populates into their progress notes making documentation for them a lot easier.

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