E board review in Breast Cancer February 2008 Word from Editor

September 24, 2010

E board review in Breast Cancer February 2008 Word from Editor


E-Board Review in Oncology:
Breast Cancer

Dear Colleague:

This month on CancerNetwork.com you will find an online review in breast cancer-an invaluable resource for you as you prepare to face the Medical Oncology Board Certification Examination. It is our aim that this review not only assist you in your preparation for the exam, but also enable you to better discern the critical issues that we all face in the treatment of breast cancer.

My colleagues Steven M. Sorscher, Cynthia X. Ma, and I have divided the 36 questions in this review (expired) into 5 sections: Reducing Risk/Increasing Survival, Adjuvant Therapy, Treatment Results, Advanced and Recurrent Disease, and Breast Cancer Subtypes. For each question, you will be given both rationales for the correct answer and explanations for why the incorrect answers are indeed incorrect. In addition, each question/answer is supported by appropriate references. For your convenience, a complete suggested reading list for the entire program is provided as well.

We hope that you find this e-review to be a key resource, both for your board preparation and toward the ultimate aim we all share: providing the highest quality of care possible for our patients, offering maximal survival and the best quality of life.

Sincerely yours,

Matthew J. Ellis, MB, BChir, PhD, FRCP
Director, Breast Cancer Program
Anheuser Busch Tenured
Associate Professor of Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Missouri