Lung Cancer Treatment & Screening


Dr. Nabil Rizk, Chief of Thoracic Surgery on increasing participation and accessibility of lung cancer screening.


What we're trying to impart to patients is that, first of all, whether or not they smoked, if they have lung cancer, we can probably help them. Now if we detect those lung cancers at an early stage, which is the purpose of screening, we can cure probably 20% to 30% more patients than we currently are, which in the United States translates to probably about 40,000 lives lost a year just because we're not screening enough patients. Screening is something that we're trying to encourage physicians to do. We're trying to make it easier for them to do we have a new virtual clinic to try to make it easier for patients and physicians to do and we're hoping that it finally pushes the needle towards more patients getting screened because 3% is just a very low number. Compare that to mammograms, which is probably 75%, or colonoscopies. It was just much much lower than that.

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