Medical World News® Behind the Science: An Inside Look the WesternU Health COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Stephanie White, DO, and Preeti Kotha, PharmD, detailed their experiences running the WesternU Health Clinic COVID-19 vaccine program from when vaccines were first approved in the United States until now.

In this episode of Behind the Science from the Medical World News® broadcast, CancerNetwork® spoke with Stephanie White, DO, and Preeti Kotha, PharmD, of the WesternU Health Vaccine Clinic, to learn more about running a COVID-19 vaccination site.

White detailed the work it takes to successfully operate such a large operation, including the roles of each volunteer. She also walked through the lessons learned from operating a clinic with such high stakes.

Kotha focused on the ins and outs of each vaccine, from the storage process through when the shots go into patients’ arms. She emphasized just how much precision is needed to minimize waste and maximize the number of shots given in a single day.

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