Nikki Martin on LUNGevity’s “No One Missed Campaign” Focusing on Biomarker Testing Access


CancerNetwork® spoke with Nikki Martin of the LUNGevity Foundation regarding the “No One Missed” campaign working to provide education and awareness to patients with lung cancer.

CancerNetwork® recently spoke with Nikki Martin, director of Precision Medicine Initiatives at LUNGevity Foundation, regarding the recently launched No One Missed campaign.

The campaign focuses on helping patients gain access to valuable comprehensive biomarker testing, which can reveal the presence of driver mutations that are key in the treatment decision-making process.

“The No One Missed campaign is the latest evolution of our awareness and education programs for really targeting patients, but I can see how ultimately it could also become a provider-focused education and awareness campaign,” explained Martin. “what makes No One Missed unique is that it’s much broader than our previous education and awareness efforts. It’s a community-led program, so it’s not just LUNGevity Foundation running it, but we’re doing a lot more to pull in other stakeholders within the lung cancer ecosystem.”

LUNGevity Foundation is a nonprofit organization focusing on accelerating research and developing programs to remove barriers for patients with lung cancer accessing the necessary resources and care.

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