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OncologyONCOLOGY Vol 20 No 14
Volume 20
Issue 14

Celebrating 20 years of providing practical reviews and peer commentaries to the oncology community in an effort to promote optimal cancer education and quality care for persons with cancer

Celebrating 20 years of providing practical reviews and peer commentaries to the oncology community in an effort to promote optimal cancer education and quality care for persons with cancer

Over the past year, we have celebrated ONCOLOGY's 20th year of publication with a series of "20th Anniversary" papers. In each of the year's 14 issues, recognized experts and opinion leaders have given their unique and authoritative perspective on developments in the treatment of a specific neoplastic disease or another discipline in cancer care. In the tried-and-true tradition of ONCOLOGY, each article has been accompanied by peer commentaries that offered additional perspectives on the topic, highlighting areas of consensus or disagreement.

Beginning with a look at systemic therapy for breast cancer by Drs. George Sledge and Lida Mina, and concluding with an examination of targeted therapy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma by Drs. Robert Motzer and Darren Feldman, these papers and their accompanying commentaries have considered how each field has evolved in the 2 decades since ONCOLOGY's debut, featuring landmark literature, changing practice patterns, and the introduction of key new therapeutic agents.

To reinforce how cancer care has evolved over the past 20 years, we've briefly reprised the articles in this series on the following pages. We hope you've enjoyed the series, and invite you to revisit the papers on our website, where the complete text of each is available, free of charge (www.cancernetwork.com/oncology). In 2007, we plan to continue offering practical perspectives on key developments in the field, with a new occasional series focusing on success stories and unsolved challenges in oncology. Watch coming issues for reviews on some of these success stories: "The Curability of Cancer in Children: Modern Medicine's Greatest Success," by Dr. Vincent Santana of St. Jude's Hospital, and "Hodgkin's Disease in Younger Persons," by Dr. Frederick Hagemeister of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, plus reviews of other successes and challenges in oncology to be featured throughout 2007.

Finally, we encourage you to contact us with questions or comments you may have about ONCOLOGY and any thoughts about how the journal might be of greater benefit to you in your practice. We thank you for your continued readership and look forward to providing important reviews to the oncology community for the next 20 years, and then some.


Cara H. Glynn
Senior Editorial Director

Andrew Nash
Associate Editorial Director and Managing Editor

The Complete 20th Anniversary Series at a Glance

January: Breast Cancer

February: Older Patients

March: Lymphoma

April: Ovarian Cancer

April: Colorectal Cancer

May: Breast Cancer

June: Leukemia

July: Prostate Cancer

August: Breast Cancer

September: Colorectal Cancer

October: Pain Management

November: Lung Cancer

November: Lung Cancer

December: Renal Cell Cancer

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