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Oncology NEWS International Vol 16 No 7, Volume 16, Issue 7

Dr. Sarah Donaldson, Dr. Robert Kyle, Dr. Scott Lippman

Dr. Sarah Donaldson

ASCO presented the 2007 Pediatric Oncology Award to Sarah S. Donaldson, MD, professor of radiation oncology at Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Center in California. Dr. Donaldson was recognized for her work in increasing the understanding of and the cure rates for various childhood cancers. She also serves as associate chair of radiation oncology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Robert Kyle

Robert A. Kyle, MD, professor of medicine and laboratory medicine at the Mayo Medical School, Rochester, Minnesota, was awarded the David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award at ASCO 2007 for his extensive research in hematology. He is director of the Scientific Advisory Board for the International Myeloma Foundation and chairman of ECOG's Myeloma Committee.

Dr. Scott Lippman

The American Cancer Society Award was given to Scott M. Lippman, MD, at ASCO 2007 in recognition of his work in cancer prevention. Dr. Lippman chairs the Department of Clinical Cancer Prevention at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and is professor of both clinical cancer prevention and thoracic/head and neck medical oncology. His research interests are focused on translational chemoprevention studies.