R Tyler Hillman, MD, PhD, on Important Contributors Needed to Treat Ovarian Granulosa Cell Tumors

An expert emphasizes how a big team is needed to properly employ the different therapeutic modalities needed to treat patients with ovarian granulosa cell tumors.

R Tyler Hillman, MD, PhD, of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, spoke with CancerNetwork® at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting about various clinicians from the multidisciplinary care team necessary to properly treat patients with ovarian granulosa cell tumors.


It takes a big team for these patients because we often employ a variety of different therapeutic modalities. In the recurrent setting, which is predominantly where I see and treat granulosa cell tumors, frequently, we’re using cytoreductive surgery as the mainstay. The key to enhanced recovery from these surgeries involves nutritionists, and floor and [operating room nurses]. And then our advanced practice providers in the clinic provide a lot of the counseling and preoperative preparation to get folks ready for the OR. It’s all especially important because we often combine surgery with adjuvant treatments, so the recovery from surgery impacts how soon we're able to start—whether it's chemotherapy or hormonal therapy—in the adjuvant setting.


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