HER2+ Breast Cancer: Special Challenges and Expert Insight - Episode 9

The Evolving Space of HER2+ Breast Cancer

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Key opinion leaders discuss recent advancements and future directions in the HER2+ breast cancer space.

Adam Brufsky, MD, PhD: Guys, this has been fabulous. I’ll just ask you all to talk for 1 minute. Give a summary of where you think we are with this. I’ll start with Neil and we’ll go around. Any final comments?

Neil Iyengar, MD: We’ve hit all the important points tonight. The thing that we’ve all been alluding to is that this is an evolving space. There are multiple ongoing phase 3 clinical trials in earlier lines testing all of these agents, combinations of these agents, and new agents. We didn’t even hit on margetuximab tonight. A lot of what we’re seeing right now and a lot of the decisions that all of us have to make are based on where the data are now, but that is going to change very quickly.

Adam Brufsky, MD, PhD: Sara, any final comments?

Sara A. Hurvitz, MD: I agree. It’s an evolving scenario. I’m looking forward to seeing more data about the management of leptomeningeal metastases because that’s a huge area that remains an unmet need.

Adam Brufsky, MD, PhD: VK?

Vijayakrishna Gadi, MD PhD: This conversation is radically different each time, right? I’m really happy for our patients to have such a deep number of options available to them. I don’t care as much about sequencing. At the end of the day, being able to get these drugs to those folks who need them when they need them is probably the most important thing. The drug companies can figure out what needs to be first, second, and third. I’m just happy to have the drugs.

Adam Brufsky, MD, PhD: I agree, and that’s a great way to end. We have so many options for people. As somebody who remembers when we didn’t even have trastuzumab, I can tell you that to be able to do this 25 years later and have all these things that we never had before is just great.

With that, I want to thank Drs Gadi, Hurvitz, and Iyengar for joining us in the slide discussion on the special challenges in HER2+ breast cancer for the CancerNetwork®. I want to thank our viewing audience. We hope you found this interactive discussion to be informative and beneficial for your clinical practice. Thank you, and be sure to fill out any forms and polls that they have coming after this. Thank you very much for participating. Good night.

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