Author | Anas Younes, MD


Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Changing Treatment Paradigms

April 15, 2014

ByConnie Lee Batlevi, MD|Anas Younes, MD

With the progress in diagnostic methods that has made it possible to decipher the genetic code of DLBCL within a relatively short time, and with the increasing number of drugs that are entering clinical trials, our next big challenge is to enroll patients in trials in a timely manner.

ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Localized Nodal Indolent Lymphoma

August 15, 2013

ByBradford S. Hoppe, MD, MPH|David C. Hodgson, MD|Ranjana H. Advani, MD|Bouthaina S. Dabaja, MD|Christopher R. Flowers, MD, MS|Chul Soo Ha, MD|Monika L. Metzger, MD|John P. Plastaras, MD, PhD|Kenneth B. Roberts, MD|Ronald Shapiro, MD|Stephanie A. Terezakis, MD|Karen M. Winkfield, MD, PhD|Anas Younes, MD|Louis S. Constine, MD

The present guidelines review epidemiology, pathology, presentation, workup, staging, prognostic factors, and treatment options for patients with localized nodal indolent lymphoma, with an emphasis on radiation guidelines, including radiation dose, field design, and radiation techniques.

Using Social Media in Oncology for Education and Patient Engagement

September 12, 2012

ByMichael A. Thompson, MD, PhD|Anas Younes, MD|Robert S. Miller, MD, FACP

We presented an interactive session entitled “Using Social Media in Oncology for Education and Patient Engagement” at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2012 Annual Meeting. This article summarizes the points made in those presentations.