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HPV Blood Test Could Predict Prognosis in Head and Neck Cancer

December 22, 2016

Head and neck cancer patients who have a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection detectable with a blood-based biomarker have a better prognosis compared with HPV-negative patients.

Clinical Features Could Help Tailor Melanoma Screening

November 23, 2016

An individual’s clinical risk factors could help guide skin cancer screening and identify those at high risk for melanoma who could benefit from increased surveillance.

Genetic Test Could Identify Breast Cancer Patients at High Risk of VTE

November 04, 2016

Stratifying breast cancer patients by chemotherapy and genetic susceptibility, researchers were able to identify patients at high risk of venous thromboembolism.

Left vs Right Side of Colon Cancer Has Prognostic Value

November 02, 2016

The occurrence of colon cancer on the right vs left side of the colon is a prognostic factor for all stages of the disease.

Tamoxifen Linked to Reduced Contralateral Breast Cancer Risk

October 27, 2016

Use of tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors therapy during and after breast cancer treatment were found to reduce the risk of contralateral breast cancer in a community healthcare setting.

ADT Linked to Increased Dementia Risk in Prostate Cancer Patients

October 21, 2016

Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), a mainstay of treatment for men with prostate cancer, may raise the risk of dementia, according to a new study.

Depression Linked With Increased Mortality in Early-Stage Lung Cancer

October 07, 2016

Patients diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer who are also diagnosed with depression have an increased risk of mortality, according to a prospective, observational study.

HPV Vaccination Leads to Decreased Rates of Cervical Pre-Cancers

October 05, 2016

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine reduces the incidence of pre-cancerous cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), according to a population-based study in New Mexico.

Vasectomy Not Linked to Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer

September 21, 2016

Men who have vasectomies do not have a higher risk of prostate cancer and are not more likely to die from the disease, according to a large, prospective study.