David R. Spigel, MD | Authors

Commentary (Spigel/Winer): Myalgias and Arthralgias Associated With Paclitaxel

February 01, 2003

Neurotoxicity is a well-describedside-effect of paclitaxeltherapy, often characterizedas a peripheral sensory neuropathy.Neuropathy is a dose-dependenteffect, occurring with cumulative cyclesand higher doses. Occasionally,this may be dose-limiting for patientswho are benefiting from treatment, aswell as problematic for subsequenttherapies. Another well-recognizedthough less-described neurotoxic effectof paclitaxel is myopathy. Myopathy,consisting of myalgias andarthralgias, can be at least as commonwith standard paclitaxel regimens andequally troubling for patients. In thisissue of ONCOLOGY, Garrison andcolleagues review paclitaxel-associatedmyopathy and offer suggestionsfor patient management.

HER2 Testing and Correlation With Efficacy of Trastuzumab Therapy

October 01, 2002

The emerging era of targeted cancer therapies has focused laboratory scientists and clinicians on the need to define and understand molecular targets of novel drugs. For breast cancer patients and doctors, this trend is not news-efforts have been under way for decades to identify the estrogen and progesterone receptors and define the value of these markers as predictors of response to hormonal therapy.