Douglas Tyler, MD | Authors

Commentary (Czito et al): Combined-Modality Treatment for Operable Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

March 01, 2005

Drs. Pisters, Wolff, Crane, andEvans have provided an excellentoverview of contemporaryapproaches to staging, surgicalmanagement, and treatment ofpatients with potentially resectablepancreatic cancer. Given the impressiveadvances in our understandingof the biology and genetics of pancreaticcancer, we would agree thatcurrent opportunities for progressagainst this malignancy are encouraging.The reality, however, is thatmortality rates still exceed 95%.While the article addresses the clinicalmanagement of patients with operablepancreatic cancer, this subsetof patients constitutes only 10% to15% of all patients with the disease.This group as well as patients withlocally advanced and metastatic diseaseare in need of new and innovativetreatment strategies. In thisreview, we will highlight several ofthe points made by the authors.