Francine M. Foss, MD | Authors

The Importance of Accurately Characterizing Lymphoproliferative Disease

November 30, 2009

The primary cutaneous CD30-positive (CD30+) T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders are a group of largely indolent diseases that manifest as nodules or tumors of the skin. The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) has developed a modification of the World Health Organization (WHO) lymphoma classification system that specifically categorizes these entities.

Infectious Complications of Pentostatin Therapy

June 01, 2000

Managing the infectious complications associated with pentostatin (Nipent), used alone or in combination with other agents in patients with low-grade lymphomas, poses a significant problem for clinicians. Since there is limited

Combination Therapy With Purine Nucleoside Analogs

June 01, 2000

Pentostatin (Nipent) has demonstrated significant activity as a single agent in patients with low-grade B- and T-cell lymphomas, but thus far, clinical experience with combinations of pentostatin and other agents is limited. A study

Early Detection of Cutaneous Lymphoma

October 01, 1998

Cutaneous lymphomas comprise a spectrum of diseases characterized by infiltration of the skin by malignant lymphocytes. The clinical manifestations of cutaneous lymphomas vary, and they can mimic benign dermatoses,