Julia H. Rowland, PhD | Authors

Health-Related Quality of Life in Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials

November 01, 2001

Clinical trials of agents to prevent cancer in populations at risk are relatively recent. To date, these consist of a few large population-based studies. Trials in this area focus on the prevention of cancer in individuals with specific predetermined risk

Investigator-Initiated Health-Related Quality-of-Life Research

September 01, 2001

In part I of this series, we identified currently active clinical trials that include health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL) outcomes as a primary or secondary objective of the overall study (Trimble EL et al: ONCOLOGY 15:601-611, 2001). The goal of this

Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Cancer Patients

September 01, 1999

Pirl and Roth synthesize well the rich literature that now exists on the prevalence, causes, and treatment of depression in patients with cancer. Their review focuses attention on: (1) those factors-patient- as well as disease- and treatment-related