Pierre Fargeot, MD | Authors

Impact of UFT on Tumoral TS and DPD Levels in Colorectal Cancer

October 01, 2000

This was an open lable, pilot translational clinical pharmacology study of a brief (7 day) course of UFT, 300 mg/m²/day, in combination with leucovorin, 90 mg/day, in six patients with newly diagnosed advanced colorectal cancer.

UFT/Leucovorin Plus Vinorelbine Combination for Advanced Breast Cancer

October 01, 2000

This phase I study was undertaken to define the maximum tolerated dose, the dose-limiting toxicity, and the recommended dose of UFT plus leucovorin and vinorelbine in combination treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer previously treated with one chemotherapy regimen. The pharmacokinetics of UFT and vinorelbine were also evaluated.