ASCO Annual Meeting: Genitourinary | Conference

Robert A. Figlin, MD, on Understanding the Cancer Journey in GU Malignancies
July 12, 2021

Robert A. Figlin, MD, details how his institution, Cedars-Sinai Cancer, is aiming to fully understand the cancer journey for those with genitourinary malignancies.

Robert A. Figlin, MD, on Adverse Effects of Cabozantinib in RCC
July 08, 2021

Robert A. Figlin, MD, highlights toxicities that patients with renal cell carcinoma experience while on cabozantinib.

Neal D. Shore, MD, on the Importance of Multidisciplinary Care in Advanced Prostate Cancer
June 21, 2021

Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS, discusses the importance of multidisciplinary care for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, on the Impact of First-Line Maintenance Avelumab in Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma
June 18, 2021

Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, discusses the impact of avelumab on patients with advanced urothelial carcinoma in the first-line maintenance setting.

Robert A. Figlin, MD, Discussed How New Findings Support Cabozantinib as Second-Line Standard in RCC
June 10, 2021

CancerNetwork® sat down with Robert A. Figlin, MD, at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting to discuss results of the CANTATA trial of cabozantinib with or without telaglenastat.

Abiraterone Plus ADT and Docetaxel to Treat de novo mCSPC Improved rPFS
June 09, 2021

Adding abiraterone acetate and prednisone to androgen-deprivation therapy and docetaxel improved radiographic progression-free survival for men with de novo metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer.

Numerical Boost in OS With TAK-700 Misses Threshold for Significance in mHSPC
June 09, 2021

Despite failure to reach the primary end point of statistically significant overall survival benefit, TAK-700 plus androgen-deprivation therapy for metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer may be a valid treatment option for some patients.

TURBT With Nivolumab and Chemo Promising Bladder-Sparing Strategy in MIBC
June 08, 2021

As a bladder-sparing treatment strategy, transurethral resection of the bladder tumor with nivolumab and chemotherapy showed promise for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

BPA Use During Treatment for mCRPC With Radium-223/Enzalutamide Reduced Fracture Risk
June 08, 2021

For men with asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic mCRPC, using bone-protecting agents during treatment with radium-223 plus enzalutamide controlled the risk for fractures.

Trimodal Pembrolizumab-Based Combo Shows Safety and Efficacy Treating MIBC
June 08, 2021

Pembrolizumab plus gemcitabine and concurrent hypofractionated radiotherapy to treat patients with MIBC demonstrated safety and efficacy.