ASCO Annual Meeting: Best of Genitourinary | Conference

Judd Moul, MD, Reviews Studies From 2021 ASCO Showing Systemic Therapy Advancements in Prostate Cancer
July 29, 2021

Judd Moul, MD, discusses the gravity of new data on systemic therapies for men with castration-resistant prostate cancer and how they can be of use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robert A. Figlin, MD, on the Potential Importance of Adjuvant IO in Bladder Cancer
July 26, 2021

Robert A. Figlin, MD, discusses the potential role of adjuvant immunotherapy for patients with bladder cancer.

Key Presentations at ASCO 2021 Review Primary Prevention of Prostate Cancer in African American Men
July 20, 2021

CancerNetwork® sat down with Edmund Qiao at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting to talk about prostate-specific antigen screening and prostate cancer prevention in African American men.

Neal D. Shore, MD, Reviews Data for LuPSMA 177 in mCRPC at 2021 ASCO
June 29, 2021

During a discussion at 2021 ASCO, Neal D. Shore, MD, said he was most excited to see data from the phase 3 VISION trial of lutetium-177-PSMA-617 in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Robert A. Figlin, MD, Spotlights Key Findings With Adjuvant Pembrolizumab in Resected Clear Cell RCC From ASCO 2021
June 23, 2021

CancerNetwork® sat down with Robert A. Figlin, MD, at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting to discuss the results of the KEYNOTE-564 trial with adjuvant pembrolizumab in patients with resected clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, on Updates in Genitourinary Oncology From ASCO 2021
June 20, 2021

Petros Grivas, MD, PhD, regarding updates in genitourinary oncology that were read out at the meeting.

Toni Choueiri, MD, on Updated Follow-up Data in RCC at 2021 ASCO
June 10, 2021

Choueiri detailed combination treatments with follow-up data presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Matthew D. Galsky, MD, on Key Takeaways From 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting in Bladder Cancer
June 09, 2021

CancerNetwork® sat down with Matthew D. Galsky, MD, at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting to discuss his thoughts on research he believes has the greatest potential to impact standard of care treatment of bladder cancer.