Oncology Vol 30 No 4

Silvia Formenti on the Promise of Combining Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer

April 15, 2016

During the past decade, scientific evidence has emerged that shows that radiotherapy can induce: A) immunogenic cell death, a form of cancer cell death that is effectively signaling to the immune system; and B) a series of “danger” and pro-immunogenic signals that are sensed by the host’s immune system, and can be harnessed to reject the tumor.

Personalized Immune Therapy: A Slippery Fish?

April 15, 2016

Advances in basic science and clinical medicine in the past few decades have increasingly elevated the profile of personalized medicine, ie, the identification of individual tumor or biologic features that offer targets for therapy.

From Minimal Residual Disease to Maintenance Therapy: Optimizing Tools for Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma

April 15, 2016

Overall, the future of patients with MCL is promising, since therapeutic options have widened. The implementation of universal aggressive treatment is challenged by novel regimens, targeted agents, the use of MRD to guide treatment decisions, and new trials that will directly compare transplant vs non-transplant approaches.