ONCOLOGY Vol 35, Issue 10 | Oncology

Germline Testing in Prostate Cancer: When and Who to Test

October 20, 2021

Review Article

Results of multiple studies have shown that a proportion of men with advanced prostate cancer carry germline DNA damage repair mutations. This article summarizes recommendations for germline testing in prostate cancer and describes care models for providing counseling and testing.

Clinically Meaningful Outcome Measures: A Role for Geriatric Assessment

October 19, 2021


Nora Kovar, MD, MPH; and Melissa L. Teply, MD, give their perspective on research from Quirin Zangl, MD, published in ONCOLOGY regarding geriatric assessment in patients with genitourinary carcinoma.

Value of Geriatric Assessment in Patients With Genitourinary Carcinoma

October 19, 2021

Original Research

This work from Quirin Zangl, MD, and colleagues to evaluate comprehensive geriatric assessment tools to better guide patients with urogenital carcinomas perioperatively and, consequently, to intensify or reduce hospital resource use.

Expert Commentary on the Product Profile of Umbralisib for Lymphoma

October 17, 2021

Product Profile

In an interview with ONCOLOGY®, Douglas Braun, CSP, PharmD, RPh, offers a comprehensive review of real-world treatment considerations of umbralisib as therapy for patients with previously treated follicular and marginal zone lymphoma.