Alexander Spira, MD, PhD, FACP, Discusses Biomarker-Guided Treatment in Lung Cancer at 2021 WCLC

CancerNetwork® sat down with Alexander Spira, MD, PhD, FACP, at the 2021 World Conference on Lung Cancer to talk about KRAS as a therapy biomarker in lung cancer.

At the 2021 World Conference on Lung Cancer, CancerNetwork® spoke with Alexander Spira, MD, PhD, FACP, of Virginia Cancer Specialists, about the approval of drugs for mutations such as KRAS G12C and how there are more in development to target these aberrations.


Right now, there’s obviously been a big focus on [EGFR] exon 20 insertion [mutations] because we have a drug that’s approved, a drug coming down the pike, and a lot of excitement as well. In the KRAS world, we had a drug approved and likely another one soon in [tumors with mutations in] KRAS G12C. KRAS has been this undruggable target for a long time, but I think the approval of these drugs as well as the excitement of these other drugs has gotten everybody jazzed up. Hopefully, we’ll be able to really advance the field and not only make better drugs for KRAS G12C, but also for other KRAS mutations as well. There’s a few more things coming down the pike, it seems to be an exciting field. What’s exciting for me is that the rest of oncologists in the lung cancer [space] continue to lead the field in terms of targeted personalized therapy.