Andreana N. Holowatyj, PhD, MS, Talks AACR and the Value of the Annual Meeting 2021

Holowatyj detailed the benefits of a conference like that of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2021, which presents opportunities for thought leaders to come together.

Andreana N. Holowatyj, PhD, MS, of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, spoke with CancerNetwork® about the benefits of a conference like the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2021, and how the collaborative network of thought leaders presents ample opportunity to move the field forward.


What I think the AACR Annual Meeting does is bring together experts from a multitude of fields across the globe to really aim towards one specific goal of understanding cancer and reducing the burden of cancer worldwide. I think that’s a really unique opportunity because these different presentations, mine as well as other posters, other sessions, really afford the opportunity to forge connections and collaborations that you may not have had within your inner network. [Connecting] folks of different expertise may yield just fantastic team science and translational work to answer important questions like these in early-onset colorectal cancer. I’m most excited for that, in addition to presenting these findings, the provocative discussion that will be held both with these results and how we as a field can move forward to really make that precision medicine impact for individual patients overall. From basic science to population science, you’re really bringing together a [group] of experts to really build upon what we already know and go in ways that we may not have thought of individually.


Holowatyj AN, Wen W, Gibbs T, et al. Advancing Cancer Research Through An International Cancer Registry: AACR Project GENIE Use Cases. Presented at: AACR Annual Meeting 2021. Virtual. Abstract 101.