Laurent Levy and Tanguy Lim-Seiwert, MD, on the Potential of NBTXR3 to Treat Patients With Head and Neck Cancers

CancerNetwork® spoke with the CEO of Nanobiotix and an assistant professor of Oncology at John Hopkins Medicine to learn more regarding the potential of the radio enhancer NBTXR3.

CancerNetwork® spoke with Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix, and Tanguy Lim-Seiwert, MD, of John Hopkins Medicine, to discuss the potential of NBTXR3, a radio enhancer designed to destroy tumors through physical cell death when activated by radiotherapy.

“We started this company with the idea that, instead of using chemistry or biology to treat cancer, maybe we should try another path,” explained Levy. “That’s why we decided to use physics, and we decided to bring physics into the cell to make sure we can have a treatment that could benefit millions of patients. That’s what led us to invent NBTXR3.”

The agent provided positive results in a number of trials, including data from a phase 3 soft tissue sarcoma trial in Europe, investigating NBTXR3 activated by current standard of care radiation therapy.

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