Lisa La on Multiple Myeloma Research Coming Out of ASH

The clinical researcher spoke about the research that she is most excited to review at ASH this year.

In an interview with CancerNetwork®, Lisa La, director of clinical research in the Center for Cancer Care at White Plains Hospital, discussed research in multiple myeloma coming out of the 2020 ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition that she looks forward to reviewing.


I have been working in myeloma, just in general research in multiple myeloma, for about 10 years. I recently left Mount Sinai last year of December. So, as I was leaving Mount Sinai, I left a lot of research to good hands. We did a lot of first in human phase 1 trials. I'm very excited to see the data for those first in human phase 1 trials.

For example, the bispecific antibodies targeting GPRC5D and CD3 from Janssen. I’m interested in the Regeneron phase 1, also an antibody. So, I'm interested to see how those patients fared because those are really heavily pretreated relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma patients. So, I'm interested to see, especially patients that were post CAR T, what are their other options, and, you know, CAR T was like the big thing last year and now it's just kind of looking at the safety data and looking at off-the-shelf CAR T for myeloma patients, so I'm excited to see those.

Luckily with this whole virtual ASH, you know, conference, you don't have to be there that day, you know, you can kind of go back and kind of re-review some of the presentations. So, I'm looking to have that opportunity to sit down and just really dive into those.