Michael Kim, MD, on Developing More CREB Inhibitors in Pancreatic Cancer Moving Forward

Kim discussed the need for further CREB inhibitor combinations to target collateral pathways and improve patient outcomes.

Michael Kim, MD, of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, spoke with CancerNetwork® at the virtual American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2021 about the need for more CREB inhibitors to effectively treat patients with pancreatic cancer moving forward.


Work moving forward should figure out what other drugs can be combined with the CREB inhibitor we used [in our study]. There’s only one we could find, so the development of additional CREB inhibitors would be a great step forward. Also, understanding how we can mix other drugs with CREB inhibitors to shut down other collateral pathways important in KRAS signaling [will be essential]. The combination of those 2 might really lead to improved patient outcomes and a better mechanistic understanding of how mutant TP53 and KRAS can be divided and then individually conquered to fight this disease.


Kim MP, Li X, Deng J, et al. Mutant p53 and oncogenic KRAS converge on CREB1 to drive pancreatic cancer metastasis. Presented at: AACR Annual Meeting 2021; April 10-15, 2021; virtual. Abstract 2417.