Oncology On-The-Go Podcast: COVID-19 Vaccination and Cellular Therapy in Cancer

Fareed Khawaja, MBBS, and Marilyne Daher, MD discuss COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and safety among patients with cancer in the United States.

Fareed Khawaja, MBBS, assistant professor in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Infection Control, and Employee Health at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Marilyne Daher, MD, medical resident in the Department of Internal Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, spoke with CancerNetwork® about their study titled COVID-19 Vaccination in Patients with Cancer and Recipients of Cellular Therapy, which was published in the journal ONCOLOGY®.

In their study, Khawaja and Daher gave an overview of the current COVID-19 vaccines that are available in the United States, published data on vaccine efficacy and safety in patients with cancer, current vaccination guidelines, and future strategies for preventing COVID-19–related complications.

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Expert in oncology