Enhanced Immunoassay Diagnostic System Launched

May 1, 2002
Oncology, ONCOLOGY Vol 16 No 5, Volume 16, Issue 5

Abbott Laboratories recently announced the launch of AxSYM Plus, an enhanced version of its AxSYM automated immunoassay instrument system.

Abbott Laboratories recently announcedthe launch of AxSYM Plus, an enhanced version of its AxSYM automated immunoassayinstrument system. Among the new features included in the system are advancedcomputer software for automatic troubleshooting, improved ergonomics, and apressure monitoring system for determining the integrity of patient samples.

Instrument’s Capabilities

"AxSYM Plus represents our commitment to continue investingin this exceptional technology, which has had a significant impact on ourcustomers and their ability to more efficiently manage their laboratoryoperations," said Thomas D. Brown, senior vice president, diagnosticoperations, Abbott Laboratories.

The system combines a broad menu of tests with continuousaccess, random access, and stat testing capabilities. Key features of theinstrument include a menu of more than 75 assays for various diseases andmedical conditions including hepatitis, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),cancer, thyroid conditions, anemia, and pregnancy; full disease state panels;and multiple technologies (including microparticle enzyme immunoassay andfluorescence polarization immunoassay) for optimal test results.

In addition, AxSYM Plus offers continuous and random accesstesting capability for maximum operating efficiency with various workloads inthe laboratory, stat testing capability with results available in as little as11 minutes, throughput of up to 120 tests per hour, positive identification ofbar code samples, touch-screen computer monitor, and the ability to trackinventory and waste levels automatically.