Medical World News® After Hours: Thoracic Medical Oncologist Inga Lennes, MD, MBA, MPH, on Healthy Eating

During an After Hours segment of Medical World News®, Inga Lennes, MD, MBA, MPH, spoke about her passion for healthy cooking and how it helps her unwind after a busy week of treating patients.

For this installment of After Hours from the Medical World News® broadcast, CancerNetwork® sat down with Inga Lennes, MD, MBA, MPH, to talk about her love of cooking, healthy eating, and her personal Instagram, @IngaKitchen, where she posts photos of her latest recipes.

She says cooking offers her an opportunity to shift gears after a long day at work as well as provide nourishing food for her family, making this a hobby that’s easy to stick to. She also shared some words of wisdom about staying on track with healthy eating and having motivation to cook meals on a busy schedule.