New Cancer Websites, New Features Join the Information Highway

June 1, 1997
Oncology NEWS International, Oncology NEWS International Vol 6 No 6, Volume 6, Issue 6

WASHINGTON--Cancer advocacy groups, institutions, publishers, and professional organizations are rapidly making the World Wide Web a major source of cancer and other health-related information.

WASHINGTON--Cancer advocacy groups, institutions, publishers, and professionalorganizations are rapidly making the World Wide Web a major source of cancerand other health-related information.

A new government web site called "healthfinder" ( hyperlinks to more than 550 other web sites, as well as links tonearly 500 selected on-line documents, answers to often-asked questions,and access to data bases and web search engines by topic and agency.

The full text of all manuscripts in the American Cancer Society journalCancer is now available on-line free of charge until August 31,1997, at After that date, access to fulltexts will be available only to paid subscribers of the print version,but abstracts and tables of contents will remain open to all.

George Washington University Medical Center's 1997 Frontiers in BiomedicineGrand Rounds lectures are available on GlaxoWellcome Healthcare Education'sHELIX site at

The Oncology Nursing Society has added an oncology news applicationto its website (, offering daily wire stories, pressreleases, and original coverage of oncology and general medical news collectedfrom hundreds of national and international sources. The news service isbeing supported by a grant from Pharmacia & Upjohn.

Finally, additional features are being added to PRR Inc.'s Cancer InformationNetwork site (, including a daily version of OncologyNews International and hyperlinks to over 600 cancer-related websites.

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