Practice Apoptosis: When Partners Retire

May 14, 2010
Thomas Pisansky, MD

Kicking off the first in a series of podcasts, a noted healthcare consultant discusses how retirement can fracture a practice.

In today’s challenging environment, community oncology practices must devise new business models if they are to continue providing high quality care for patients while adequately compensating their physicians. Practices must also adapt to an environment in which professional-fee revenue plays an increasingly important role in reimbursing for care.

In short, busy community doctors need to create a sound business plan that complements the skills and needs of their partners. Building the right practice “chemistry” is tantamount to success. So, what happens when a partner, or two, decides to retire? In this podcast, noted healthcare consultant, Thomas A. Paivanas, discusses the realities, with the caveat, fortune favors a prepared mind.

Stay tuned for our next expert podcast: Martin Neltner talks about quality in cancer care, what it means to the busy practitioner as we move forward into our brave new world of healthcare…


Practice Apoptosis: When Partners Retire
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