Team Introductions: MM Experts From UT Southwestern vs Mayo Clinic


Expert panelists from UT Southwestern and the Mayo Clinic introduce themselves and prepare for a team-vs-team debate surrounding recent clinical trial data in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.


Judy Schreiber, PhD, RN: Welcome to this Cancer Network® Face-Off. Today we’re focusing on multiple myeloma and chronic myeloid leukemia [CML]. My name is Judy Schreiber, and I’m today’s program’s host. First, I’d like to thank the supporters of today’s program, which is Takeda. Thank you very much. We couldn’t be here without your support; it’s greatly appreciated. Face-Off is a series that’s a little different from many of the educational programs and events that you’ve seen in the past. It’s educational at its core, but it’s designed to be fun. What makes Face-Off different from other educational events is the fact that it’s not just a presentation but a competition. Here in Rochester, Minnesota, we have the visiting team of [The] University of Texas Southwestern captained by Dr Larry Anderson, and the home team of the Mayo Clinic, Drs Kapoor and Begna. They’re presenting data not only to you but also to one another, and they’ll be questioning one another.

How does it work? The visiting team in Texas will lead off because the visiting team always goes first. They’ll present several studies to the home team, after which the home team will have the opportunity to challenge the visiting team. There will be Q&As after each presentation. The presenter should make sure that a presentation is on the level of enthusiasm or levity. At the end we’ll have questions for fans if possible, but otherwise we’ll have polling questions at the end of all of the multiple myeloma and CML presentations. Cancer Network® will be donating a starting amount of $2000 toward the winner’s travel fund for participating in the program and an additional $1000 for the winner. We’d like to invite you and your colleagues to cheer us on because Cancer Network® will donate an additional $250 per live audience member, which will help accumulate final voting tallies.

I’d like to introduce the captains of today’s teams. Dr Anderson, representing the visiting team, introduce your team.

Larry Anderson Jr, MD, PhD, FACP: Hi, I’m Dr Larry Anderson, the director of the myeloma Waldenström and amyloidosis program at UT Southwestern. This is Dr Adeel Khan of the myeloma program at UT Southwestern.

Judy Schreiber, PhD, RN: For Mayo, Drs Kapoor and Begna, introduce your teams.

Prashant Kapoor, MD, FACP: Hi, I’m Prashant Kapoor from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and I belong to the myeloma, amyloidosis, dysproteinemia group. I’m joined on the myeloma team by my colleague Dr Wilson Gonsalves, also from the same group.

Kebede Begna, MD: Hi, my name is Kebede Begna, and I’m the acute leukemia and myeloid neoplasm disease group. I’m here with my colleague Dr Abhishek Mangaonkar from the same group. We’re also with the Mayo Clinic.

Transcript edited for clarity.

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