Tzvia Bader Discusses the TrialJectory Platform Connecting Patients With Cancer to Clinical Trials

CancerNetwork® spoke with Tzvia Bader about barriers between patients and appropriate clinical trials and how to combat these issues.

CancerNetwork® sat down with Tzvia Bader, CEO and co-founder of TrialJectory, to discuss the artificial intelligence-powered platform that helps match patients with cancer to appropriate clinical trials.

Bader said that patients who take a proactive role in their treatment, what she terms “activated patients,” are becoming more common in health care today, especially with greater access to information. As a result, patients are taking a more active role in every level of care, from decision making to research regarding viable treatment options. She explains that certain aspects of choosing appropriate therapy, such as individual levels of pain tolerance and the ability to accommodate numerous out-patient visits, is known best by the patients themselves.

In addition, Bader said TrialJectory will help lower barriers to inclusion of a more diverse patient population in clinical trials.

“How can we expect diversity when 85% of patients are being treated in the community setting, but only 10% of community oncologists are having clinical trial discussions with their patients,” Bader said. “We remove the barrier of accessibility…70% of our patients are being treated in the community setting.”

Outside of patient care, TrialJectory may also facilitate progress in the pharmaceutical industry and with contract research organizations who are modeling trials and striving for greater patient inclusion.

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