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Future of Proton-Beam Radiation Therapy Shines Among Inoperable Lung Cancers

December 29, 2010

Research from Japan documenting remarkable survival rates among patients with inoperable lung cancer may only hint at the potential of proton-beam radiation therapy. The study out of the Proton Medical Research Center in Tennoudai, Japan, documented high survival rates for 55 patients suffering from stage I inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer.

PET/MR challenges PET/CT as ‘go to’ modality in oncology

December 08, 2010

A new hybrid technology emerged at radiology’s mega conference in Chicago earlier this month, one that may dislodge decade-old PET/CT from its prominent berth for the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer patients. This new modality combines the positron-imaging component of PET/CT with oncology’s premier anatomic modality, MR, opening the door to cancer images with unprecedented clarity and clinical value.

Handling incidental findings: the (less than) 1% solution

November 29, 2010

Pathologies such as infections, or even tumors, crop up from time to time in patients examined for entirely unrelated issues. These "incidental findings"can put doctors-and patients-in a tight spot. How do they proceed with the patient, knowing that many of the asymptomatic signs of disease may never lead to clinical problems, or may simply be false positives?