ASH Multiple Myeloma | Conference

CC-93269 Demonstrates Promising Dose-Dependent Efficacy in Heavily Pretreated Myeloma
December 07, 2019

CC-93269 showed encouraging signs of dose-dependent efficacy with a safety profile that continues to be refined for patients with heavily pretreated relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.

Promising Responses from Dual-Targeting CAR T-Cell Therapy in Myeloma Support Further Exploration
December 07, 2019

Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy targeting both BCMA and CD38 induced an objective response in >90% of patients with multiple myeloma who had been treated with at least 3 prior therapies and whose disease had spread outside of the bone marrow.

Does Adding Daratumumab Benefit Transplant-Ineligible Myeloma Patients?
December 04, 2018

Researchers examined adding daratumumab to standard of care in newly diagnosed transplant-ineligible myeloma patients.