ASCO Updates Patient Guidelines

Oncology NEWS International Vol 14 No 3, Volume 14, Issue 3

This special “annual highlights” supplement to Oncology News International is acompilation of major advances in the management of lung cancer during 2004, asreported in ONI. Guest editor Dr. Roy Herbst discusses these advances in clinicalmanagement, with a focus on developments in adjuvant therapy for early disease,targeted therapy, and new chemotherapy findings.

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia-TheAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology(ASCO) has released an updatedpatients' version of the society's clinicalpractice guidelines on the treatmentof unresectable non-small-celllung cancer. The 13-page, evidencebasedpublication, titled "AdvancedLung Cancer Treatment," was developed,based on the latest clinical research,by a multidisciplinary panelled by David G. Pfister, MD. The guideprovides help to patients and theirfamilies in learning more about availabletreatment options.Surgical and medical personnel, radiationoncologists, a pulmonary specialist,and a patient advocate helpeddevelop the guide, which was reviewedand approved by ASCO's Health ServicesResearch Committee, its Boardof Directors, and an external peer reviewgroup. The patient guidelines areavailable at