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ASCO: Adding Abiraterone to Leuprolide Before Prostatectomy Can Eliminate Tumor in Some Men With High-Risk Prostate Cancer

June 04, 2012

Results from a randomized phase II study show that 6 months of treatment with abiraterone (Zytiga), in addition to the hormone therapy leuprolide before prostatectomy, resulted in complete response and near-complete response in one-third of men with high-risk prostate cancer.

ASCO: Controversies in Prostate Cancer-PSA Screening

June 03, 2012

The underlying cost debate surrounding the issue of whether or not to recommend prostate cancer screening is based on the idea that if you use healthcare resources in one area, they’re being diverted from another area by nature of their being a limited pool of funding.

Nurse Practitioners and Physicians' Assistants May Play Critical Roles in Future of Oncology Care

September 23, 2011

A new study of collaborative oncology practice models showed that the greater use of nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) led to an increase in productivity for the practice and was satisfying for both physicians and the NPPs. This provides one potential solution for the predicted shortage of oncologists in the next decade.

Olaparib Looks Promising in Treatment of Non-BRCA Ovarian Cancer

August 27, 2011

Researchers at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver and colleagues have just published the results of a phase II study showing that olaparib (AZD2281), an oral PARP inhibitor, may be effective in treating non-BRCA-related ovarian cancer patients.

Surprising Success in Immunotherapy Treatment for Leukemia

August 22, 2011

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have reported on the results of a trial in which a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) experienced a complete remission after immunotherapy with tumor-reactive modified T cells.

ASCO 2011: Prostate Cancer in Older Adults: To Treat or Not to Treat?

June 05, 2011

At the session on Management of Prostate Cancer in Older Adults: To Treat or not to Treat, Anthony D’Amico, William Dale, and Shabbir Alibhai all lent their clinical expertise in treating prostate cancer to outline the latest recommendations for screening and treating men for prostate cancer.