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Medical World News®: CancerNetwork Discusses mRNA Vaccines With Maurie Markman, MD
April 12, 2021

During a Deep Dive segment of Medical World News®, CancerNetwork® sat down with Maurie Markman, MD, to discuss how lessons learned from the development of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 can translate to cancer research.

Oncology Peer Review On-The-Go: COVID-19, Cancer, and the Potential of mRNA Vaccines
March 30, 2021

Mehmet Sitki Copur, MD, discussed his article in the Journal ONCOLOGY® focusing on COVID-19, messenger RNA vaccines, and the excitement surrounding its integration into the future of cancer treatment.

Third COVID-19 Vaccine Earns Emergency Use Authorization Following Favorable Advisory Committee Meeting
February 28, 2021

The first single shot COVID-19 vaccine, and the third overall, to receive Emergency Use Authorization will start shipping to all parts of the United States immediately following a meeting of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.