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Ramaprasad Srinivasan, MD, PhD, on the Design of the Study of MK-6482 in VHL-Associated Disease
December 14, 2020

Data presented at SUO indicated that MK-6482 demonstrated durable efficacy in patients with Von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated clear cell renal cell carcinoma, pancreatic lesions, and hemangioblastomas by targeting the underlying pathophysiology of the disease.

Ramaprasad Srinivasan, MD, PhD, on Upcoming Research for Kidney Cancer
December 06, 2020

The kidney cancer expert from the National Cancer Institute spoke about what ongoing research in the field of kidney cancer is most encouraging and where research should continue to be focused.

Study Identifies Prevalence of Germline Mutations Associated with RCC
December 05, 2020

Researchers identified the prevalence of germline mutations associated with the early-onset renal cell carcinoma, as well as clinicopathologic factors linked to an increased risk of carrying these mutations.