Author | Sagar Lonial, MD


Insights Into the Appropriate Use of New Antimyeloma Therapies

January 15, 2017

Unfortunately, while survival outcomes with novel therapies have improved, the fraction of patients with multiple myeloma who are cured of their disease remains low. Immune therapies offer the hope for further improvement in outcomes and higher rates of cure.

Novel Combination Treatments in Multiple Myeloma

May 15, 2016

In this article, we elucidate the rationale for use of novel drug combinations in patients with myeloma, and review current evidence-based data supporting the use of specific combinations in various settings. We also attempt to craft a framework to guide clinicians in optimizing the use of combination therapies, to enable patients to derive maximal benefit.

Results From the Multiple Myeloma Trials

May 28, 2015

We discuss some of the anticipated multiple myeloma trials with Sagar Lonial, MD, ahead of the 2015 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

Non-Secretory Myeloma: A Clinician’s Guide

September 15, 2013

Numerous small series of patients suggest that the prognosis for non-secretory myeloma patients is likely no worse than the prognosis for patients with traditional secretory myeloma, and in some settings may be superior.