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Modulation of Dose Intensity in Aerodigestive Tract Cancers: Strategies to Reduce Toxicity

December 01, 2001

Advances in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology and a better understanding of cell biology are being applied in practical ways to modulate treatment morbidity. Conformal radiotherapy targets the cancer precisely and can be combined with new systemically administered radiosensitizers.

Camptothecin Schedule and Timing of Administration With Irradiation

March 02, 2001

The camptothecins are a new class of chemotherapeutic radiation sensitizers. Clinical trials with camptothecins alone show higher toxicity than predicted by preclinical models, which has created the challenge of finding new

Camptothecin Radiation Sensitization: Mechanisms, Schedules, and Timing

August 01, 1998

Based on high tumoricidal activity of the camptothecin analogs topotecan (Hycamtin), irinotecan (CPT-11[Camptosar]), and 9-aminocamptothecin (9-AC) in preclinical studies, clinical trials began testing these agents

Combined Radiation and Chemotherapy for Carcinoma of the Anal Canal

March 01, 1998

Sphincter-preserving treatment with combined radiation and chemotherapy has replaced abdominoperineal resection as the standard of care for patients with carcinoma of the anal canal. Randomized studies have shown

Infusional Chemoradiation for Operable Rectal Cancer: Post-, Pre-, or Nonoperative Management?

March 01, 1997

The use of adjuvant irradiation combined with systemic chemotherapy, or "chemoradiation," in the management of patients with operable rectal cancer has enabled more conservative surgery to be performed. Chemoradiation

Commentary (Rich): Current Status of Radiation Sensitization by Fluoropyrimidines

August 01, 1995

Fluorouracil has been used in combination with radiotherapy for the treatment of several malignant tumors with considerable success. In this excellent review, the authors point out that considerable gain could derive from increasing our understanding of the mechanisms of resistance of cytotoxicity or radiation enhancement.