Annual Meeting of the American Radium Society (ARS) | Conference

(S002) A 15-Year Review of Radiation Therapy for Keloids at Two Institutions
April 15, 2016

For many individuals, keloids present a symptomatic and cosmetic issue after tissue injury. Surgical excision followed by immediate adjuvant RT provides excellent local control and cosmesis with minimal toxicity. Treatment with both prescribed regimens yielded equal results.

(S003) Single-Fraction Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Bony Metastases Provides Pain Control and Decreases Time to Chemotherapy
April 15, 2016

A hypofractionated course of 8 Gy/1 fx radiation therapy in the treatment of bony multiple myeloma metastases is an efficient and effective way to reduce pain and reduce the time from the completion of radiation therapy to the start of chemotherapy in patients with multiple myeloma.