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Using Mobile Apps May Be Feasible for Promoting Drug Adherence in ALL
February 26, 2021

Study results from the Journal of Medical Internet Research indicated that medication adherence by way of reminders on mobile devices for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and their caregivers may have validity.

Manageable Safety Profile Observed in Phase 1 Studies Examining UCART19 for Pediatric and Adult Patients with B-Cell ALL
February 10, 2021

Data in The Lancet promoted a tolerable safety profile and future feasibility of UCART19 administration among patients with relapsed and refractory B cell ALL.

Preemptive Tocilizumab Decreases CRS After Tisagenlecleucel Administration in Pediatric B-Cell ALL
February 08, 2021

Tisagenlecleucel has already received FDA approval and is now available at some treatment centers, thereby imparting significance to results about tocilizumab use in patients at-risk for severe cytokine release syndrome.