Author | Nora Janjan, MD, MPSA, MBA


Management of Pain

June 01, 2015

Most patients with advanced cancer, and up to 60% of patients with any stage of the disease, experience significant pain. The WHO estimates that 25% of all cancer patients die with unrelieved pain.

Assumption of Risk, Healthcare Policy, and Cancer Screening

November 15, 2014

American medicine is poised for an expanded conflict over the assumption and consequences of risk in medical care.

The Risks of Undiagnosed Cancer vs the Theoretical Risks of Radiation Exposure

March 15, 2014

The Hippocratic Oath underscores that harm to patients can result either from acts of commission or omission. Decisions about the use of diagnostic imaging are now under great scrutiny.

Value Judgments in Diagnostic Imaging for Prostate Cancer: A Paradox in Healthcare Reform

April 15, 2013

Only the possibility of increasing survival with better tumor localization and staging is probable with multiparametric MRI-and improved survival with MR imaging in prostate cancer has not been shown in a clinical trial or meta-analysis to date.