Multiple Myeloma 2021 - Episode 14

Looking Ahead to the Future of Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Nina Shah, MD, looks to the future of treating patients with multiple myeloma.

Nina Shah, MD: As we move forward in multiple myeloma, I’m excited to see longer term follow-up data for the immunotherapy trials because it’s important for us to know what kind of duration of response our patients are going to get. I am interested in seeing quality of life data because I want to know how to choose between these modalities, which may not be the best for one patient versus another, or what may be best suited for all patients. I also want to see how we’re incorporating minimal residual disease [MRD] for decision making. For that, we’ll look to trials like the MASTER trial [NCT03224507]. Finally, I’m really excited to see if there’s some way that we could get blood-based MRD testing, which is already being looked at with mass spectrometry and other technologies, because I would love for patients to be able to avoid bone marrow [biopsies]. I hate ordering them and patients hate getting them and it’d be great if we could use something else to detect disease and detect it early.