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A Rare Case of Metastatic Spiradenocarcinoma With CDKN2A Mutation

June 12th 2024

Johnathan Q. Trinh, MD, et al discuss a novel case of a patient with an aggressive CDKN2A-mutated spiradenocarcinoma who responded to a CDK4/6 inhibitor.

Data show responses lasting for more than 6 months among patients with melanoma who responded to treatment with RP1 plus nivolumab.
RP1/Nivolumab Yields Responses in Previously Treated Melanoma

June 7th 2024

Phase 3 findings show the benefit of immunotherapy before surgery in those with macroscopic stage III node-positive melanoma.
Nivolumab Combo Improves EFS in Stage III Melanoma

June 2nd 2024

Subgroup findings suggest a PFS benefit with the addition of encorafenib/binimetinib in patients with liver metastases.
Encorafenib Regimen Shows No PFS Improvement in Metastatic BRAF+ Melanoma

June 1st 2024

The phase 3 KeyVibe-010 trial is unlikely to meet its primary end point of recurrence-free survival due to a high rate of treatment discontinuation.
Investigators Discontinue Vibostolimab Combo in Resected Melanoma Trial

May 14th 2024

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