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Preliminary Results Suggest AB-MR Detects Breast Cancers that 3-D Mammograms May Miss
November 29, 2020

This study found that abbreviated breast magnetic resonance imaging as a supplemental screening test in women with dense breasts shows an increase in cancer detection over digital breast tomosynthesis screening.

Low EC-pY397-FAK May Improve Survival in Neoadjuvant-Treated Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
November 29, 2020

Low EC-pY397-FAK expression levels were found to be associated with chemotherapy sensitivity and improved 5-year relapse-free survival after systemic therapy in patients with neoadjuvant-treated locally advanced breast cancer.

Study Identifies Breast Cancer Risk and Disease-Causing Mutations in Women Over 65
November 28, 2020

Women with onset of breast cancer over age 65 typically do not qualify for genetic testing, however this study demonstrated that frequency of pathogenic variants and risk of breast cancer is not negligible in this patient population.